Terms of Service

All customers who use Oxybilisim.com and shopping, are deemed to have accepted the conditions consisting of base material and substrates.

Web packages that are on sale in our site, and all pages are the property attached to it and it is operated by the Oxybilisim.com.

This deserves contracting party to the relevant contract with the site and load requirements and the parties of this agreement is adopted when the said rights and obligations are complete, accurate, timely, they declare that they will perform under the terms requested in this contract.


a.oxybilisim.co I, the right to make changes to the price and availability of products and services always reserves.

B.oxybilisim.co members of the contract products, technical problems and is committed outside agreed to benefit.

c.sit will not make use of the reverse engineering or whether any of them have a different process for the purpose of obtaining the source code or find and undertakes to accept.

through d.sit, fake trial order is prohibited. The membership will be canceled if it is determined in the registry, while explicit e-mails and GSM numbers, not create more accounts with a rope trick.

to. The customer will buy modules in addition to your pack, to request and accept the regulations and pay the fee determined by the Oxybilisim.com also declares.


2.1. This is contained in the Site title, company name, trademarks, patents, logos, designs, and products are registered and unregistered intellectual property rights of the site operator of and owner of the company or belong to are mentioned, are protected under national and international law. This is the idea of ??visiting the site or benefiting from the services mentioned in this site does not give you any rights of intellectual property rights.

2.2. All products contained in this site may not be reproduced in any way, transmitted, copied or transferred. The whole or a part of the site be used without permission on another website.

2.3 In a complex visual design and software details of all the products supplied is notarized The patented All rights reserved. Only on our website and sales are carried out on the platform. This sale is announced on any other platforms, distribution and publication of the case will be initiated legal proceedings against the responsible without notice.


3.1. Oxybilisim.co, personal information transmitted by users through the site 3. The statement to People. This personal information; contact name, surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address is being contained any other information, such as user-oriented identification, shortly 'Confidential Information' as referred.

3.2. Confidential Information, but in cases where public authorities duly requested this information in the case is mandatory and applicable mandatory disclosure to the authorities to explain to the authorities in accordance with applicable legislation.


Customer accurate, complete and updated registration information must give. Otherwise, there will be a violation of this Agreement and user accounts can be considered closed.

The customer is responsible for the sites and passwords and account security in third party sites. Otherwise, data loss will occur from security breaches and the Company shall not be responsible for damage or hardware devices.


Not under the control of the parties; natural disasters, fires, explosions, wars, civil wars, wars, rebellions, riots, mobilization, strikes, lockouts and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages reasons such as (hereinafter the "Force Majeure" will be called.) Due to contractual If you can not fulfill obligations become parties, parties are not responsible. rights arising out of this Agreement and the obligations of the parties shall be suspended at this time.


One of the terms of this Agreement, if it becomes completely or partially invalid, continues to protect the validity of the remainder of the contract.


Oxybilisim.com it, at any time products and services offered on the site can be partially or completely change the terms of this Agreement. Changes will be effective from the date it is published on the site. It is the user's responsibility to monitor changes. The user still continue to benefit from the services provided shall be deemed to have accepted these changes.


All notifications to be sent to the relevant parties to this Agreement are known company in the form of e-mail addresses and user's membership will be made by e-mail address specified. The user's address members noted that while the current address for service, if the change will notify the other party in writing within 5 days, otherwise, shall be eligible, agrees to this address.


Parties in carrying the Parties in respect of any disputes that may arise for operations related to this agreement, the records and documents and computer records and fax records numbered 6100 Civil Procedure is to be admitted as evidence under the Law, the user agrees not to object to these records.


Customer after the contract products or show him the domaine installation withdrawal is not entitled to change the domain name. Our products are licensed domaine is no license tracking, license deletions can be made. Therefore, use of the product arises from Web Design Package you receive your order. Therefore, Web Design Package is installed on a domain, the download link is defined to return after quinine account or sent to customers by mail, canceled, there is no right of withdrawal. But customers, yet the installation of the Web Design Package on the domain address, if sent by e-mail domains for customers to get the setup to change, withdrawal arises right of return. In addition, according to the consumer's specific requests and demands made by, or on people who make specific changes or additions made in web design packages also can not use the right to deter consumers. In case of payment with credit card or other payment cards consumer, on the grounds that the card is used without its consent and in violation of the law may request cancellation of the payment transaction. In this case, the payment amount will be returned within 10 days after the card issuer is notified of the appeal to the consumer.


This in solving any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or implementation of the Convention in Istanbul ( Central ) Palace of Justice and the Executive Office of the Courts is authorized .

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