About Us

OxY Bilisim has an experienced and innovative structure that closely follows technological innovations, can use the transforming power of technology professionally with its dynamic staff. Mainly it provides information security, virtualization, network, data storage and data backup solutions. In addition, consultancy and project design, maintenance and support, system installation and integration, network installation and configuration services.
By analyzing the digital needs of institutions and organizations, it aims to produce the most accurate solutions and provides services in this direction. It aims to gain competitiveness, to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum cost, and to ensure that digital information sources and information flows are up-to-date and reliable.


Our ability and experience in information technology, combining the power and functionality of our design philosophy , as soon as possible to provide quality solutions and to deliver successful projects we carry out the purposes of our customers.


That can easily adapt to technological innovation by establishing a flexible operating structure , to ensure effective and efficient use of resources , to develop appropriate solutions to the needs always offers these services to our customers uninterrupted and reliable environment .

Our services and contact us immediately to get more information about our solutions.